Modifying Tools

I used to be afraid to modify a tool in any way, as I always worried that I would destroy it.  But since I’ve begun to make a few of my own tools, that fear has entirely disappeared.  I seldom hesitate to modify a tool that’s not working quite right, even if it’s one I’ve made myself.

Marking Gauge Group Shot 7-10 - 3Take, for example, the black-faced marking gauge in the set on the left.  It was the third gauge I’d made for myself.  I liked the maple/blackwood combination but more I used it, the less I liked the shape of the fence.  Plus, the wedge was too loose for easy operation.

I knew I could make it better that I had originally.  Besides, I had been wanting a smaller gauge for smaller-scale work, so I set about reducing the size of the fence and making a new wedge.

Marking Gauge Maple-Blackwood Modified 2-2013 - - 1

After a bit of work with the bow saw, a rasp, a file, and a card scraper, I like this gauge much better.  (I am also reminded that blackwood dust makes me sneeze like crazy.)

That’s one more semi-functional tool improved by a bit of workshop bravado.

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1 Response to Modifying Tools

  1. jasongc says:

    Not really pertinent to this post per se, but I wanted to compliment you on your writing. Well written blogs can be tough to find, even more so if one wants to confine his search to a specific area of interest. As a hybrid woodworker with a decidedly Neanderthal lean, I’ve quite enjoyed your posts. Please keep it up. 🙂

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