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What to Do with an Old Treadle Sewing Machine

My wife and I were cleaning out one of our storage spaces, and she dragged out a very old treadle sewing machine.  A decade in the heat and humidity had not been kind to its wooden parts, which hadn’t been … Continue reading

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The Card Scraper Wallet

Many woodworkers agree that the secret weapon of smoothness is the card scraper.  But there are many different opinions on the best way to store a set of card scrapers.  (If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, it looks too simple … Continue reading

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Online Symposium: The Domestic Arts

While the term “domestic arts” might sound like a contradiction in terms these days, there are many young people working to make the home–domesticity–a place of production and beauty, rather than merely a place of vulgar consumption.  Hence my friends … Continue reading

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Woodworkers Should Learn to Sew

I enjoy making things I need, and while I frequently turn to wood as my default medium of pragmatic expression, I have recently found myself making a few necessary objects out of fabric. At first, I assumed that this new … Continue reading

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Tiny Tool Roll (for Plow Plane Irons)

When I first bought my Veritas plow plane a couple years ago, I immediately made a small tool roll to hold the irons.   It was one of my first real sewing projects, so it was a little rough.  But … Continue reading

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New Shop Apron

Although I always wear an apron while cooking, I have seldom worn one at the workbench, until now.  I had tried wearing work aprons, but they weighed heavily on my neck after a couple hours, and the pockets just filled … Continue reading

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