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How to Build Carpenter Bee Traps (That Look Nice)

Down here on the Gulf Coast, we have a lot of insect problems–mosquitoes, termites, fire ants, you name it.  Another common pest here is the carpenter bee, which is not at all aggressive, and a good pollinator to boot.  But carpenter … Continue reading

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The Folly of “Prepping”

What is the best way to preserve a seed?  I first came across this question in a gardening book, and it’s a trick question.  The answer, of course, is to plant it. I have thought about that question a lot … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Compost Wood Waste

This compost, which has been sifted through a 1/2″ screen mesh, is made from about half leaves and half wood shavings with minimal “green matter” (kitchen waste).  I just dumped the material in the bin and forgot about it, and … Continue reading

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The Compost Bin: Where Three Hobbies Meet

As I was unloading some finished compost into a flowerbed the other day, I reflected on the one part of my house that all three of my hobbies have in common: the compost bin.  Gardening, cooking, and woodworking all meet … Continue reading

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