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Going Commercial: 7 Ways Selling Your Work Will Change Your Craft

When I started selling my handmade wooden utensils at local craft markets about a decade ago, I had to figure out much of it myself. Having run a successful sideline for years, I have now drawn it to a close, … Continue reading

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Moving on from Markets

Over a decade ago, I set up a table to sell my spoons at my very first craft market. Now, after dozens of markets and hundreds of spoons, I have brought my spoon-making side-business to a close. While I am … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference between Art and Craft? Problem-Solving.

Just today, a spoon carver on a social media platform I follow asked other carvers, “Do you call yourself an artist or a craftsperson?” I was one of many who responded, and I said that I sell two kinds of … Continue reading

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How Do You Set Prices for Handmade Goods?

So you want to sell your work at a craft market. One of the most common questions that new makers ask is how to set prices. We all know that everything has a price, but we seldom think about why … Continue reading

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Do NOT Boil Your Wooden Spoons

You may have seen a TikTok video in which somebody tells you to clean your wooden spoons by boiling them in water. This person fills a pot with water, brings it to a boil, and then boils a handful of … Continue reading

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For Narnia! A Stone Table Made from Wood

Whenever my kids start a new activity, I inevitably get sucked into it myself. This time it was a play at my local community theater. My youngest daughter landed the role of Lucy in a stage version of The Lion, … Continue reading

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Breadboard Ends on a Stove Cover

When a friend asks me to make her a stove cover, I decide it’s a great time to learn a whole new woodworking technique. Continue reading

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Spoons, Spoons, and More Spoons

During market season, it sometimes seems like all I make is spoons, spatulas, and other wooden utensils. I take photos of a lot of my work, but I don’t always remember to post the photos here on my blog. So … Continue reading

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How I Make a Spoon

From a tree to a spoon, this is how I make wooden cooking utensils. Continue reading

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Working with Weird, Local Woods (part 2)

In my last post, I described some of the working properties of two local woods that I have harvested over the last couple years: southern magnolia and crepe myrtle. In this post, I’ll describe three more species that have no … Continue reading

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