Thinking of Setting Up an Etsy Shop… Opinions?

I keep getting inquiries about the tobacco pipes I’ve been making, and I plan to make more soon.  I am also thinking seriously about opening an Etsy shop to sell some pipes.

I really enjoy the work, and while I think I can streamline my production a bit, I find I can already make a pipe from start to finish in an afternoon. Plus, I would like to make my hobby a little more self-supporting by selling some of my work.

I know people who successfully sell other types of handmade items on Etsy, but I’d like to hear from people who have sold (or tried to sell) their woodwork there.

  • Do your products sell with any regularity?
  • How do you get your product to stand out from similar products?
  • Have you had problems with either buyers or Etsy itself?
  • Do you enjoy selling through Etsy?
  • What else should a novice seller know about the platform?
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3 Responses to Thinking of Setting Up an Etsy Shop… Opinions?

  1. Brian Eve says:

    Didn’t someone like Luke Townsley say not too long ago something like, “Etsy is eBay for women?”

  2. meeteyorites says:

    I can see a conflict of interest here. Your hobby vs my work! sincerely, Doctor Dad
    “Then you put burning leaves in it,,, and you put it in your mouth…” –Bob Newhart

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