Little Apprentices

My three-year-old daughter loves helping me hold boards as I saw.  Usually she supports and then catches the off-cut. This time, her two sisters wanted to help, too.

Having them around doesn’t speed me up, but it sure is fun.

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6 Responses to Little Apprentices

  1. Joshua Klein says:

    Great, Steve! I also enjoy having my three year old son in the shop. Our weekly shop night is not terribly productive from a projection completion stand point but boy he loves it and he is learning great skills. I am always proud when he starts explaining the constructions methods of our “cherry-wood” (actually walnut) sconce shelf to his peers. It’s heart warming.

  2. Rich says:

    You know, if the one in the pink dress going to dress princess period specific, perhaps you should too. Adam Cherubini’s taylor can’t have that much work.

    I like how my daughters work together. One holds the pad of the brace and the other spins. Unfortunately I don’t have the third child to hold the square and keep them working straight.

  3. Snap! It’s great being a dad.

  4. Steve Massie says:

    Steve that is really nice that your Girls like to be in the Shop with Dad. I love to see children interact and hopefully stay with this hobby. I enjoy it very much when my 6 year old Grand Son comes over to work with Papa ( he lives next door ). And proud Papa has a 18 month old Grand Daughter who is Papa’a little Princess and follows me around every where I go.

    Thanks for sharing Steve and enjoy these precious times.


  5. bobjones2000 says:

    Looks like my shop with 3 little girls! Always lots of giggling.

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