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“Grandpa’s Workshop”: A Review

Grandpa’s Workshop by Maurice Pommier, ($22, ISBN 978-0-9050777-2-3) published by Lost Art Press and translated from French into English, tells the story of a little boy, Sylvain, awakening tools that have long been asleep in an old chest in his … Continue reading

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Craftsmanship: What’s Religion Got to Do with It?

Quite a lot, according to the English novelist Dorothy L. Sayers: In nothing has the Church so lost Her hold on reality as in her failure to understand and respect the secular vocation. She has allowed work and religion to … Continue reading

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Gluttony in the Workshop, Courtesy of Dorothy L. Sayers

In 1941, the English detective novelist Dorothy L. Sayers gave a lecture called “The Other Six Deadly Sins.”  What she has to say about the sin of Gluttony has important implications for the arts and crafts: An odd change has … Continue reading

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