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Essential Tools (For Me), Part 4: Joinery Planes

There are two kinds of “essential” tools: all-purpose tools that you use for all kinds of jobs, and specialized tools that you use for just one operation. Up to this point in this blog series, I’ve featured tools in the … Continue reading

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Building A Frame-and-Panel Interior Door

If I had a backup career in woodworking, it would be making doors and windows for historic homes.  It’s not that I especially enjoy making such objects more than others.  (I’ve never even made a window sash.)  It’s that it’s … Continue reading

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Making a Blade Guard for a Drawknife

Not long ago, I picked up a 10″ curved drawknife (made by A. W. Crossman) at an antique shop.  It still had an edge on it, so I scraped off the surface rust and honed the edge.  I wish all … Continue reading

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Tool Review: Veritas Plow Plane Wide-Blade Conversion Kit (and Tongue & Groove Cutter)

Lee Valley has just released a conversion kit for their small plow plane, which enables the plane to accept wider irons, including cutters that make tongues.  I have owned and used the plow plane for about a year now, and … Continue reading

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