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Building A Frame-and-Panel Interior Door

If I had a backup career in woodworking, it would be making doors and windows for historic homes.  It’s not that I especially enjoy making such objects more than others.  (I’ve never even made a window sash.)  It’s that it’s … Continue reading

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Making a Blade Guard for a Drawknife

Not long ago, I picked up a 10″ curved drawknife (made by A. W. Crossman) at an antique shop.  It still had an edge on it, so I scraped off the surface rust and honed the edge.  I wish all … Continue reading

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Tool Review: Veritas Plow Plane Wide-Blade Conversion Kit (and Tongue & Groove Cutter)

Lee Valley has just released a conversion kit for their small plow plane, which enables the plane to accept wider irons, including cutters that make tongues.  I have owned and used the plow plane for about a year now, and … Continue reading

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