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Tool Chest Guided Tour

Ten years ago, I was collecting hand tools at a rapid rate. I had most of them tucked into various crates and tool boxes, but others were just sitting on the benchtop because I had no better place to store … Continue reading

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From Toy Box to Tool Chest

When my kids were very young, I built a few things for them–a cradle, a toddler bed, and a toy box.  But kids grow up, and if you build these things right, you eventually look around at all the kid-sized … Continue reading

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Annual Shop-Cleaning Ritual

Most work spaces don’t get thoroughly cleaned often enough.  Sure, we usually sometimes occasionally sweep the floor and put away our tools, but there remain those dark, slightly creepy corners of the shop that endlessly collect dust, debris, spare materials, … Continue reading

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What Are Some Good, Kid-Friendly Woodworking Projects?

I got an e-mail the other day from a guy who, like me, regularly has kids in his shop, and he asked for some ideas for simple projects that kids could help build.  He mentioned making some wooden swords with … Continue reading

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Travel Tool Chest Completed

It’s done. Finally. I did make a frame-and-panel lid, which probably doubled the time it took to build the whole thing. The frame is mortise-and-tenon joinery, and the panel is set in with tongue-and-groove joinery (well, actually groove-and-groove joinery).  At … Continue reading

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Building a Travel Tool Box

Every time I visit my family over the holidays, I end up doing a lot of woodwork around various people’s houses, so I always bring a few hand tools with me when I visit.  Up to this point, I’ve been … Continue reading

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“Grandpa’s Workshop”: A Review

Grandpa’s Workshop by Maurice Pommier, ($22, ISBN 978-0-9050777-2-3) published by Lost Art Press and translated from French into English, tells the story of a little boy, Sylvain, awakening tools that have long been asleep in an old chest in his … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Setting Up a Woodshop in a Small Space

How big is the ideal workshop?  Just a little bit bigger than the one you have. We don’t like to work within strict limitations, especially not those measured in square feet.  Yet most amateur woodworkers have to make do with … Continue reading

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Tool Chest: Sliding Trays

In my previous post, I described the finishing of my tool chest.  Now that I have made the dovetailed sliding trays, the chest is complete. I built them from southern yellow pine that I sawed out of a 2X6.  The … Continue reading

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