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The Story of My Stanley # 4 1/2 Smoothing Plane

A week ago I wrote about my growing preference for lightweight tools instead of heavy ones. While writing that post, I remembered that I had never blogged about how I came to own my Stanley #4 1/2 smoothing plane. Here … Continue reading

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Old Names on Old Tools

Most old tools are anonymous–unless you knew the previous owner personally, there’s no way to tell who owned them before you did.  But there are happy exceptions.  Two of my handplanes have a previous owner’s name on them.  And while … Continue reading

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Selecting a Vintage Hand Plane: Deal-Breaker vs. Deal-with-It

If you went with me to a flea market or antique shop, I could pick up the hand planes one by one and tell you exactly why I would or wouldn’t buy them based on make, model, and condition. I … Continue reading

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Colonial Craftsmen, by Edwin Tunis ~ 50 Years Later

I have been leafing through a fine volume, Colonial Craftsmen and the Beginnings of American Industry by Edwin Tunis (d. 1973).  Originally published in 1965, this book was reprinted by Johns Hopkins University Press in 1999.  In it, Tunis surveys … Continue reading

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I Bought Sandpaper Today

Most woodworkers buy sandpaper frequently.  However, since I got myself a serviceable smoothing plane and discovered card scrapers, buying sandpaper has become something of an event in my shop.  I think I last bought sandpaper, a 20-pack of 150-grit, about … Continue reading

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How Many Planes Does a Man Need? Dimensioning a Board with Three Hand Planes

Not long ago, someone noted my growing set of hand planes and asked, “How many planes does a person actually need?”  Without hesitation, I answered “three.” Aside from certain specialty planes and joinery planes, a regular bench plane performs one … Continue reading

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