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How to Start Working Wood (part 2), What Should You Make First?

“What’s a good beginner project?” I hear this question a lot on woodworking forums and discussion groups.  A novice wants to get into woodworking, but he or she doesn’t know what to make first. I admit I don’t quite understand … Continue reading

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The Hardest Part of Learning to Sharpen

The other day, I was teaching a friend to sharpen his plane iron, and it got me thinking about sharpening.  Of all the skills I have learned while working wood, sharpening has been the most life-changing. It started with chisels … Continue reading

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Getting It Done: 4 Tips for Marathon Woodworkers

Most woodworkers I know fall into one of two categories: the Piddler-Putterer, and the Marathoner.  The Piddler-Putterer starts a lot of projects and tinkers with them from time to time, but he’s in no hurry.  He seldom finishes a project, … Continue reading

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How I Sharpen

There is no “right” way to sharpen hand tools, but there are a lot of wrong ways.  My own sharpening regimen has developed serendipitously, but it fulfills the essential requirements of a good sharpening routine: It is simple. It is … Continue reading

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The Hand-Cranked Grinder: Overcoming Five Challenges

Not long ago, I picked up an old hand-cranked grinder, and I have been slowly learning to use it. (I can’t find a manufacturer’s name anywhere.)  I had been using an ancient belt sander for assorted grinding tasks, but it … Continue reading

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