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The Art of Sanding

Sanding is so easy to do that it is very often done badly. But sanding well is a skill just like any other woodworking skill. Doing it well takes good tools, good technique, and practice. In the world of dedicated … Continue reading

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How to Make a Tobacco Pipe with Hand Tools, Part 4: Stem-Bending, Staining, and Finishing

On balance, I would say that half of pipe making involves sanding. It’s not exactly the fun part of making a pipe, but the results are worth the care and effort. Theoretically, rasps and files are used to establish the … Continue reading

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Tobacco Pipe Finished

This is one of my favorite stages of  a project.  The shape is roughed out, and there are tool marks scattered over the surface like craters on a distant planet.  Yet the form is evident, and I can finally see … Continue reading

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