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How to Make a Tobacco Pipe with Hand Tools, Part 3: Shaping with Rasps and Files

When we left off last time, we had a stem inserted into a drilled block of briar wood.  Now, you could smoke this block if you wanted to (I’ve seen it done!), but you probably want to do some shaping … Continue reading

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On Irregular Perfection

Have you ever heard somebody say something like “it’s the imperfections that keep life interesting,” or “a perfect world would be a boring world”? I have. Have you ever heard somebody say, “It’s the imperfections in a Maloof rocking chair … Continue reading

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Making a Tobacco Pipe with Hand Tools: A Preliminary Tutorial

This post is a short tutorial on shaping a pipe from a kit. I have now written a series of more detailed posts, which include drilling and staining, as well as shaping. Start here. When I made my first tobacco … Continue reading

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Liogier Rasp Test

Not long ago, I volunteered to test a rasp made by Liogier, a French company.  Liogier’s rasps are premium tools, made by expert craftsmen who punch each tooth by hand.  The whole process is fascinating.   This is a 9-grain, … Continue reading

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