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This Is Why We Need Art

I was making dinner the other day, and I happened to glance out the window and see three boys walking home from the neighborhood swimming pool.  They were fooling around, as boys are wont to do, and I paid them … Continue reading

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There are not many surviving poems by the Troubadour poet Arnaut Daniel, who wrote in Provencal French and died circa 1200.  One of his most famous works, “Ab gai so cundet e leri,”  features a full stanza of woodworking imagery … Continue reading

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On Irregular Perfection

Have you ever heard somebody say something like “it’s the imperfections that keep life interesting,” or “a perfect world would be a boring world”? I have. Have you ever heard somebody say, “It’s the imperfections in a Maloof rocking chair … Continue reading

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Writing Workshop: A Woodworking Poem

At the request of a few friends, I am posting a poem I wrote a few years ago.  It brings together two important parts of my life–woodworking and teaching–that are eerily similar at times. Writing Workshop For my students . … Continue reading

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