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I Learned to Turn

A few days ago, I was selling my spoons at an arts & crafts show, and I got talking to one of the other vendors there, a semi-retired gentleman who turns wooden bowls and vessels.  He had a number of … Continue reading

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A Note on Well-Designed Joiners’ Mallets

There are many, many variations on the basic joiner’s mallet design, but there’s one design element I will always insist on in my own mallets: a curved top to the head.  I used to think this was merely a decorative … Continue reading

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Making a Joiner’s Mallet

My current joiner’s mallet is over six years old and is starting to show a little wear.  I’ve had some pecan wood drying in my attic for a year now, and I decided it was time to bring it down … Continue reading

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It all began back in 2009 when a neighbor was having a pecan tree taken down.  I came over to watch the arborist at work, and I asked if I could have part of the trunk.  He kindly dropped a … Continue reading

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So That’s Why They Call It an Eggbeater Drill

I had just poured the whipping cream into a small mixing bowl when I remembered that my electric mixer was broken.  Now, I know you can do this with a wooden spoon, but I was in a hurry this morning, … Continue reading

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Liogier Rasp Test

Not long ago, I volunteered to test a rasp made by Liogier, a French company.  Liogier’s rasps are premium tools, made by expert craftsmen who punch each tooth by hand.  The whole process is fascinating.   This is a 9-grain, … Continue reading

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