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How to Make a Tobacco Pipe with Hand Tools, Part 3: Shaping with Rasps and Files

When we left off last time, we had a stem inserted into a drilled block of briar wood.  Now, you could smoke this block if you wanted to (I’ve seen it done!), but you probably want to do some shaping … Continue reading

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Another Great Use for a Handscrew: Holding Very Small Pieces

Reading old woodworking books like Aldren Watson’s Hand Tools, it’s amazing to me how often a handscrew is recommended for solving work-holding problems.. I use them all the time, and here’s one handy way to use that classic clamping device. I … Continue reading

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Building Two Saws: Part 3

Although I usually feel like a competent woodworker, any time I am faced with metal work I feel like I’ve gone back to kindergarten.  This project has, however, forced me to get a little more comfortable with metal working. But … Continue reading

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Making a Tobacco Pipe with Hand Tools: A Preliminary Tutorial

This post is a short tutorial on shaping a pipe from a kit. I have now written a series of more detailed posts, which include drilling and staining, as well as shaping. Start here. When I made my first tobacco … Continue reading

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Tobacco Pipe Continued: Creative Work Holding

Have you ever tried looking online for step-by-step instructions for making a tobacco pipe by hand? I haven’t found much, myself. Certainly nothing that gives suggestions for working primarily with hand tools. Most professional and semi-professional pipe makers use powered … Continue reading

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