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The One Essential Hand Tool

I have a favorite hand tool, one which has been with me (in one form or another) for most of my life.   It’s my most-used hand tool, and the one I would be most reluctant to part with.  It’s … Continue reading

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Countdown to Simplicity

I like simple tools, and the simpler the better.  One measure of simplicity is the number of discrete parts the tool is made of.  Some relatively simple tools, such as a hand plane or an eggbeater drill, have a lot … Continue reading

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To Make Woodworking Difficult

I am no expert on the recent history of American woodworking, but I find it amusing (and a little depressing) to flip through books on furniture making from the 1950s and 1960s. What strikes me is the dreariness and predictability … Continue reading

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Hand Tool Trends: Where Is This Hobby Going?

About a year ago, I posted an essay on this blog about why I choose to use hand tools primarily.  What I said there still applies to my work.  However, I’m still relatively young, and I hope to be working … Continue reading

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Why I Use Hand Tools

Since I started working wood, I have become something of an evangelist for hand tools.  Whether I am talking with my woodworking buddies in person or on line, I am always promoting the use of hand tools over machines.  I … Continue reading

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