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Don’t Destroy Yourself

I sometimes hear dedicated hand-tool woodworkers praise the way that woodworkers of yore built splendid pieces of furniture without the aid of power tools, with the implication that we, too, should work in that totally “unplugged” way. I used to … Continue reading

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The One Essential Hand Tool

I have a favorite hand tool, one which has been with me (in one form or another) for most of my life.   It’s my most-used hand tool, and the one I would be most reluctant to part with.  It’s … Continue reading

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Countdown to Simplicity

I like simple tools, and the simpler the better.  One measure of simplicity is the number of discrete parts the tool is made of.  Some relatively simple tools, such as a hand plane or an eggbeater drill, have a lot … Continue reading

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To Make Woodworking Difficult

I am no expert on the recent history of American woodworking, but I find it amusing (and a little depressing) to flip through books on furniture making from the 1950s and 1960s. What strikes me is the dreariness and predictability … Continue reading

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Hand Tool Trends: Where Is This Hobby Going?

About a year ago, I posted an essay on this blog about why I choose to use hand tools primarily.  What I said there still applies to my work.  However, I’m still relatively young, and I hope to be working … Continue reading

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Why I Use Hand Tools

Since I started working wood, I have become something of an evangelist for hand tools.  Whether I am talking with my woodworking buddies in person or on line, I am always promoting the use of hand tools over machines.  I … Continue reading

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