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Three-Dollar Saw: Restored

Last month, I posted a picture of a Disston no. 8 handsaw I found for three dollars.  It took me some time to get the saw back in action, not because the work was difficult or time-consuming, but because other … Continue reading

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A Window into Fifteenth-Century Woodworking

You can learn a lot about period woodworking at the art museum.  Robert Campin’s Merode Alterpiece, a triptych painting of the Annunciation, is well-known in the art world, but it ought to be better know to woodworkers, especially those interested … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Dull Saws

This afternoon, I was reading William Goldring’s The Pipe Book: A History and How to (1973), which briefly recounts the history of each historical type of pipe and explains how to make a similar one using a few, simple tools. … Continue reading

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I Love My Sawbenches, Mostly

Sawbenches are essential for any shop in which handsaws play an important role.  After studying several sawbench designs, I built these: Here’s one thing I like about them: The short bench has one straight side and one angled side. (Building … Continue reading

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