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Loose the Weight

I used to prefer heavy tools. Now I don’t. It has taken me longer than it should to recognize that, given the choice between two tools of similar quality, I should choose the one that is lighter in weight. Let’s … Continue reading

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Selecting a Vintage Hand Plane: Deal-Breaker vs. Deal-with-It

If you went with me to a flea market or antique shop, I could pick up the hand planes one by one and tell you exactly why I would or wouldn’t buy them based on make, model, and condition. I … Continue reading

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Handplane Tote Repair: Replacing the Horn

The other day, a friend of mine arrived at my house (via bicycle) carrying a very nice Stanley #6 fore plane, which he gave to me.  Despite being about a hundred years old, it had only light surface rust.  There’s … Continue reading

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Retrofitted Planing Stop

When I built my bench about four years ago, I hadn’t thought much about adding a planing stop, but I do often need to plane down pieces wider than my vise.  The end vise and a bench dog work okay, … Continue reading

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