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Essential Tools (for Me), Part 3: Spoon-Making Tools

Because spoon making has been such a big part of my woodworking, I think it’s appropriate that I write my 350th blog post about the tools I use to make spoons, spatulas, and other wooden utensils. These are by far … Continue reading

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Beautiful Waste

I’ve been making a lot of shavings lately, and when working with hand tools, I find that sometimes the waste products are just as pretty as the finished products.   A chaotic pile of pecan shavings becomes a collage of curly … Continue reading

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A Little Dogwood

A friend of mine contacted me a couple days ago asking if I could help him take down some dead and dying trees that were leaning up against his house (and providing bugs with a convenient entry point).  So I … Continue reading

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Spoon Carving Process Pictures

The other day, a friend of mine came over to take some pictures of me at work on a wooden spoon.  (The pictures are for an article forthcoming in Woodworker’s Journal, but more on that another time.)  Here are a … Continue reading

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Woodworking in America 2013: Highlights

My wife and I spent the last two days at the Woodworking in America convention in the Cincinnati area.   Here are some of my highlights. Peter Follansbee gave a fun, engaging demonstration of Sloyd spoon carving.  In his characteristic … Continue reading

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Resolution: To Become More Efficient

This year I want to work more efficiently with my hand tools. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to work faster, but I do want to make better use of my time at the workbench. I do want to work … Continue reading

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Making a Blade Guard for a Drawknife

Not long ago, I picked up a 10″ curved drawknife (made by A. W. Crossman) at an antique shop.  It still had an edge on it, so I scraped off the surface rust and honed the edge.  I wish all … Continue reading

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Almonzo’s Shaving Horse

Not long ago, I ran across this passage from chapter 5 of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 1933 book Farmer Boy.  The book follows a young boy named Almonzo through a year on his family’s farm.  On his birthday, he watches his … Continue reading

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How I Sharpen a Drawknife

Drawknives are a challenge to sharpen because the handles invariably get in the way.  Many woodworkers have found ingenious ways around this, but as with so many techniques in woodworking, there’s no one “right way” to sharpen a drawknife, though … Continue reading

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