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Essential Tools (to Me), part 1: The Stair Saw

A few years ago, I realized I had stopped acquiring tools. Well, more or less. There are always one or two additional tools on my wish-list, and I pick up a new tool (or replace an inadequate one) every so … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Clamp Minimalist

Whenever somebody on a forum asks, “how many clamps do you need?” the usual answer is, “just a few more than you have.” I have a confession to make: I have almost never felt that way. I am a clamp … Continue reading

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Timber Framed Bunk Beds, part 5: A Ladder

A good bunk bed needs a good ladder. I’ve never made a proper ladder, but I’ve read up on wooden ladder construction.  Many traditional wooden ladders had threaded rod under top and bottom rungs to make sure everything didn’t come … Continue reading

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Timber Framed Bunk Beds, Part 1: The Plans

Last year, my wife warned me that the kids were growing out of their cribs and toddler beds, and that we would need to build them some bunk beds this summer.  I started drawing up plans.  The criteria: A three-tier … Continue reading

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How to Use a Stair Saw

Stair saws, as the name implies, were originally designed to cut dado joints for stairs, but they are useful for dado joints of all sizes.  I got to use my new stair saw a lot recently when I build a … Continue reading

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Making a Stair Saw, and a Split-Nut Driver

As a self-professed bibliophile, one of my recurring projects is the bookshelf. My bookshelves are usually designed around a simple dado joint, which joins the shelves to the uprights.  For some time, I struggled to cut dado joints with a … Continue reading

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