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Spoons, Spatulas, Cutting Boards, and Other Wooden Kitchen Utensils

New Spoons for Sale

I’ve made a few new spoons recently, and I’ve just now posted them to my Etsy shop.  I’ve begun putting together matched sets, offered at a slight discount, which make great gifts. This is a nice walnut mixer/server set.  I … Continue reading

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It Was a Bad Day in the Shop–So I Made a Spoon

Yesterday was one of those days in the shop. I had a few hours I could devote to woodwork, so I decided I would work on another pipe.  As I began shaping it, I went to re-adjust the handscrew that … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Spoon Making is “In.”

Earlier this year, the Popular Woodworking Magazine blog promoted several of the magazine’s spoon making resources.  There is now a Facebook group of spoon makers and greenwood craftspeople that boasts nearly 5,500 members (myself included).  And more recently, over at the Lost … Continue reading

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Green wood or seasoned wood for wooden spoons? Both!

The other day, a neighbor was clearing some brush and happened to cut down a cherry sapling.  I salvaged the trunk for spoon carving.  I split out eight usable blanks, all relatively straight. I can carve out a spoon from … Continue reading

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Spoon Carving Process Pictures

The other day, a friend of mine came over to take some pictures of me at work on a wooden spoon.  (The pictures are for an article forthcoming in Woodworker’s Journal, but more on that another time.)  Here are a … Continue reading

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Broken Spatula: I Can Handle That!

Last Sunday the beech handle of my go-to spatula (or “pancake flipper” to some of you) fell off in the middle of making pancakes for the family.  The handle had just been stuck on a makeshift tang, and the mortise … Continue reading

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It’s Sloyd Time!

I do a bit of traveling every summer, and when I’m away from home, I always miss my workbench and my tools.  Sometimes I have space to bring a few tools with me, but when I go camping or to … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Time

Business was slow at this spring’s craft fair, where I was selling some of my spoons.   Good thing I brought a few spoon blanks and some carving tools with me.     A friend snapped this picture while I … Continue reading

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Wooden Spoon Template

The first challenge in making wooden spoons is deciding on a shape for the spoon.  Many manufactured spoons are ugly and uncomfortable to hold, so copying their shape is an exercise in futility. When I first set out to make … Continue reading

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Fifteen Minutes to a Happy Child

Our kids like to help us in the kitchen, so every once in a while, I pause to make small, wooden versions of our kitchen utensils. Some time ago, I made a couple of small wooden knives for my daughters. … Continue reading

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