The Literary Workshop: Now on Video!

For years, people have told me that they would like to see some video of my work, especially my spoon making. This winter I finally got around to shooting and editing some simple video at my workbench.

First, for those with a short attention span, here’s a six-minute, sped-up video of me making two utensils, a spoon and a spatula:

I’m doing this work over Christmas break, so everybody is home–including extended family visiting from out of town. Expect to see people wandering in and out of the background. It’s a regular feature of my work environment, and I’ve come to enjoy it.

The next video is longer (about 25 minutes) and is shot in real time:

There’s no sound, just visuals. So find a relaxing playlist to listen to as you watch. A couple of the kids make an appearance about two-thirds of the way through.

It should be obvious that I’m very new to producing video. I’m trying to learn video editing on my own as I go (Thank you, YouTube tutorials!), and there is so much to figure out. My equipment is also truly minimal (currently a smartphone on a tripod), so there is only so much I can accomplish without spending a substantial sum on equipment. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy a lot of basic video editing is. Shooting and editing video takes a lot of time, much more so than writing a blog post. But I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it.

I have to confess, however, that my interest in watching internet videos is truly minimal. I would always rather read something than watch something. That’s partly because I can read a lot faster than I can listen. If your video is longer than three or four minutes, I will probably never watch it. So I feel a little guilty trying to produce video content that I would probably not want to watch myself.

That’s never been true of this blog. I’ve always endeavored to write the kinds of blog posts that I like to read, although I have never written them at the pace at which I like to read them. (Twice a month would be my ideal publication schedule.)

On the other hand, video will enable me to tell different kinds of stories than I’ve written in the past. I’d like to shoot and post a few more videos in the coming months, hopefully with some sound and/or narration included.

But because I’m producing these videos for you and for people like you, I need suggestions on topics, themes, and ideas for upcoming videos.

What video would you like to see from me next?

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