Last Chance: Pipes for Sale

Today I’m featuring some of my handmade pipes for sale.  They’re nice pipes–genuine briar, well-fitted stems, precisely drilled for a good smoke.  I’d love to send them off to some good homes.  These pipes and more (along with a number of spoons and spatulas) are available at my Etsy shop.

Keep reading to find out why this would be a GREAT week to buy something from me.


Churchwarden pipe. $129  Here’s a pipe for all you Tolkien lovers.  It has a wide bowl and a very long stem, even for a churchwarden.  Overall length of the pipe is just under a foot long.



Diamond-shank billiard with metal infill. $119  A fun, faceted twist on a traditional shape. It’s a fairly big pipe at 6.5″ long.  The bowl is deep and should deliver a good, long smoke.  The void near the top is filled in with metal filings stabilized with CA glue and sanded flush with the surface.



Diplomat pipe. $99  The shape is traditional if somewhat uncommon.  This pipe would fit comfortably in a jacket pocket.



Dublin freehand pipe. $119  A small, freehand shape with a lucite stem.  This just might be a lady’s pipe, though smoking it won’t get anybody’s Man-Card revoked.

Here are two great reasons to pick one of these up soon.

First, some of these have been in stock for a while now, and their listings are just about to expire.  Most won’t be available by the end of the month.

Second, here’s an incentive: through Friday, 4/15, use the following (case-sensitive) coupon code at checkout for free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA:


The offer is good on anything from my shop, not just the items featured above.

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