How to Ship a Wooden Spoon

If you sell your woodwork online at all, there’s a little challenge that you probably didn’t think about until you sold your first item: how to package it for shipping.  And if you’ve ever received an item in the mail that was damaged due to careless packaging, you know how important packing is.

I’ve been selling my wooden spoons online for some time now, and after trying several different methods of packing them, I hit on something that protects the spoon, and that is compact and affordable.

Shipping a Spoon 2015 - - 1I begin with a section of an old cardboard box.  I cut the box so as to form a cardboard sleeve that will fit into a padded envelope.  My goal is to fit everything into a 12″X12″ package, which is the maximum length/width dimensions for standard shipping at the US Postal Service.  An 11″ spoon easily fits across the diagonal of a 12″X12″ package.

Shipping a Spoon 2015 - - 2The box flaps are left on, and they get folded over the spoons’ bowls, which are the most prone to breaking during shipping.  The cardboard is then taped closed around the spoons, which are now surrounded by 2-4 layers of cardboard.  Don’t forget to include some care directions, contact information, and one or two business cards!  (You can find a copy of my care directions under the “Woodenware” tab on this blog.)

Shipping a Spoon 2015 - - 3The cardboard sleeve gets slipped into a padded envelope, which cost less than a dollar apiece.  The only other expense is for the packing tape.  I can get three or four spoons and spatulas safely packed in an envelope like this.  Now it’s ready to go off to the post office.  Paying the extra to insure the package and get a tracking number is a good idea.  It costs me about $7 to ship to the continental USA this way.

Since I’ve started packing spoons like this, they’ve all arrived safely.

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1 Response to How to Ship a Wooden Spoon

  1. caasinoraa says:


    I’m curious to know where the 12″x12″ came from. I think the only restrictions on First Class mail is that the weight be no greater than 13 ounces, and length + girth is no greater than 130 inches.

    Priority mail has weight limits, but you’ll never hit those with wooden spoons. The only size limit they have is that the length + girth be less than 108 inches. They can be a dimensional weight surcharge if the volume is greater than one cubic foot, but they don’t consider the length, width, or height separately.

    For mailing spoons, you could use a 16″ long box with no penalties or restrictions. I’m guessing that most of your packages are light enough to ship First Class. If not, the Priority Mail shoe boxes would be perfect for you. I think they are about 14″ long, and about 5″ x 7″ in the other dimensions. They’re also free, and can even be delivered to your door free of charge.

    Hope this helps or makes it even easier to send your lovely spoons. Shipping is never much fun, and the USPS website is certainly not the easiest to use.


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