Teaching Spoon Making in Austin, TX

This coming weekend I will be teaching a class on making wooden spoons for the ROADS Workshops in Austin, Texas.

imageIt’s going to be a little different from your usual woodworking class, though.  ROADS Workshops are a part of Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a homelessness recovery ministry. They teach recovering homeless people skills and crafts in order to help them get back on their feet financially. It’s a live-in facility with housing, gardens, and workshops.

One of the crafts they’re beginning to teach is woodworking, and they’ve asked me to come over there to hold a workshop on spoon making. Soon the students will be making spoons and other wooden items to sell in local markets.  The ROADS Workshops want to be very hand-tool focused, and they also want to use locally-sourced/scavenged materials as much as possible.  That fits in very well with my own woodworking ethos.

Most woodworking classes focus on teaching amateur woodworkers.  This class, however, will be working with people who will be working wood for a living.  So we will focus not only on tools and techniques, but also on efficiency and selling-points.

I’ll be blogging here about my spoon-making odyssey.

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3 Responses to Teaching Spoon Making in Austin, TX

  1. David Churnega says:

    Excellent idea to empower people who have been in the depth of society. Will be very interested to see their output.

  2. Bob Jones says:

    Very nice. It should take a small tool kit. Biggest challenge may be sharpening the tools. I would like to help an org like that.

    • With a workbench, I can do it with about four tools (six if I have to split billets out of a log first). I’m bringing a few more than that, though, just in case. Once I get there and see how things are working, I’ll let people know how they can help.

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