Turning in a New Direction

Recently I was helping an old friend clean out her garage.  Her late husband had been an amateur woodworker and metalworker, so she encouraged me to take any tools or supplies I happened to find.  Among assorted walnut boards, hand saws, and files, I found a lathe.

Lathe 2015 - -1

There’s a little rust here and there, but the motor runs and all the moving parts move freely.  The bed, motor, head and tailstock, and a long tool rest were all there.  The only things missing are a belt and a stand.  Not bad for being tucked away in the corner of a garage for years and years, buried under old Volvo parts.

It’s funny, but it was only two months ago that a friend invited me over to his shop to learn how to turn.  I left thinking, “I should get myself a lathe… someday.”  And now a lathe has been dropped into my lap.

I do believe in Providence.

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4 Responses to Turning in a New Direction

  1. Bob Jones says:

    That’s a nice long rest, too. Good luck with it.

  2. nickgibbs says:

    Good luck. You won’t need many turning tools, just a gouge or two, and parting tool and a skew.

  3. meeteyorites says:

    I do too. Let the lathing begin!

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