I’m not going anywhere, but I’m now in a lot of other places

Pipe #32 Briar Diplomat 2014 - - 08Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I’m not posting as much here as I used to.  Not to worry; I’m not abandoning this blog.

Aside from the usual struggles to balance work, home life, and my hobby, there are two big reasons for the slowdown on this blog:

1. My woodworking repertoire has narrowed of late.  I still work wood a lot, but I’ve been focusing on wooden spoons and tobacco pipes, to the neglect of the furniture work I had been doing a few years ago.  It’s not so much that my interests have changed; I have found a market for my wares, and I enjoy having a hobby that contributes to the household economy.  However, I don’t want to turn the Literary Workshop into “the spoons-and-pipes blog,” so I try to post here only when I want to share something of general interest to woodworkers.

2. I’ve been using other media outlets to display my woodworking, and they all take some time for me to maintain.  In addition to my Etsy shop, I am maintaining a Facebook page for the spoons and an Instagram account for both spoons and pipes.

Spoon for Critique White Walnut 3-15 - - 9If you would like to see more frequent updates from me, please “like” my Facebook page, Schuler Woodenware, and follow me, steve_schuler, on Instagram.  As always, you can find select spoons and pipes for sale at my Etsy shop.

In the meantime, I hope to keep posting here every couple of weeks or so.  I have a number of interesting furniture projects coming up, and I look forward to doing some build-along blog posts.

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2 Responses to I’m not going anywhere, but I’m now in a lot of other places

  1. bnmd says:

    Not to sound like I’m speaking for anyone but myself, but more of a “spoons-and-pipes” bent from your blog doesn’t seem bad at all. Got one, our work is always enjoyable—especially when it’s spalted. Also, pipes and spoons are great projects for a small shop, even if they’re used to glean techniques for other projects in a tiny space. Maybe more book reviews? I don’t know, and I don’t mean to advocate for oversaturation or content for content’s sake. But this blog has inspired me to expand my woodworking a bit, so more inspiration, even if it’s mostly via pipes and spoons, doesn’t seem suffocating to me as a reader, you know? All the above goes out the window if it’s stifling you, though. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the encouragement–it means a lot to me when readers tell me they’ve enjoyed the blog, or learned something from it. I’ve got one or two spoon-related posts in the works that I think everybody will enjoy.

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