She Sure Fooled Me!

Some time ago, I had been working on a big home improvement project for which I had collected a lot of lumber over the past year.  One evening at quitting time, I left some of the lumber out on the porch overnight.

When I came back to it the next morning, this is what I saw:

Dust Piles on Lumber 2014

Small, conical mounds of sawdust, all in a row.  “Oh No! What is it?!?” I thought. “Carpenter bees? Enormous powder post beetles?”

Well, as it happened, it wasn’t an insect infestation at all.  My daughters had come in to play in the sawdust after I left, and they had made the little piles of sawdust for fun.

This story didn’t happen on April Fool’s Day, but it was still a great (though unintentional) prank.

So the next time you want to play a prank on a woodworker, leave some little dust piles in a line right under his best lumber.  Then stand back and watch him freak out.

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4 Responses to She Sure Fooled Me!

  1. meeteyorites says:

    A pile of shavings on my floor tom tom would do it for me…

  2. meeteyorites says:

    I am still waiting for my first pair of hand carved drumsticks….

  3. meeteyorites says:

    ok now you have one…just kidding. But there might be a market. After all we drummers break sticks all the time, but rarely does the kitchen worker break a spoon. I have some lovely templates….

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