Craft Show Success

Selling my work–mostly wooden spoons–at craft shows has been hit-or-miss for me.  But recently I found out that our local art museum, the Mobile Museum of Art, hosts a regular craft show, and I thought that venue might bring in the clientele I’m looking for.  So I plopped down the small table fee and set up a booth.

Show Table MMoA 12-2014 - - 2

I didn’t have a lot of spoons to sell, but I had enough to make it worth my time being there.  I got a good table right in the middle of the venue, and I had a good flow of traffic.  And sales were good.  I sold nearly half my stock in about three hours.

It really helped that I was able to process credit card payments with my smartphone.  That accounted for almost two-thirds of my sales tonight.

Next time around, I want to have a wider variety of shapes and sizes to offer–especially spatulas.  But mostly I just need to make more spoons.

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7 Responses to Craft Show Success

  1. forbeskm says:

    Very nice, I just made a bunch of spoons for gifts. Which phone/card pay are you using? Smart as most people don’t carry much cash these days.

  2. Bob Jones says:

    Yep. Lots of people are cash free these days.

  3. Awesome. Good thinking with the Paypal app. I am so glad the event was successful for you, Steve!

  4. meeteyorites says:

    The Spoon Man is a-bornin’…Just as the Profit hath said…

  5. meeteyorites says:

    Have you taken Lief off your census yet?

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