The Junior Armory–Again

This evening I finished a small commission for a very good friend of mine:

Swords for GR 2-14

His three children will be getting wooden swords for Christmas.

These are made from osage orange and walnut, and the two pieces are joined with a lap-joint.  The handles were cut out with a coping saw and rounded over with a file, while the blades were shaped with a drawknife and spokeshave.  The osage orange takes a beating without breaking (just ask my own kids!), and the walnut provides a nice color contrast and is easy to carve.  I did carve the initials of each recipient into the handle.

Despite being somewhat ornate (as toys go, anyway), these swords are pretty quick to make.  Once the stock is dimensioned, I can have one sword shaped and glued up in about half an hour.  The carving on the handle takes only a few minutes more.

The hardest part?  Getting the point to look sharp enough to satisfy a child’s demand for realism but blunt enough to satisfy mom’s demand for safety.  I think I have it right now.

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