New Spoons for Sale

I’ve made a few new spoons recently, and I’ve just now posted them to my Etsy shop.  I’ve begun putting together matched sets, offered at a slight discount, which make great gifts.

WLGSM101 11-2014 - - 1This is a nice walnut mixer/server set.  I love the finished color of black walnut.

OLGSS101 11-2014 - - 1These are osage orange, which is not as difficult to work as I would have thought.  My wife told me she didn’t like the spatula design–too “Danish Modern,” I think she said.  Well, you can’t please everybody.  I do hope this one pleases someone.

PLG101 11-2014 - - 1I made this one from an offcut of spalted pecan.  The pecan is very hard to work, but it’s nigh unto unbreakable.  Plus, I love the spalting.  I need to do more of these.

CLG103 11-2014 - - 1This is black cherry.  I made this one while writing an article on spoon making that’s coming out in Woodworker’s Journal.

MLG102 11-2014 - 1Soft maple is a favorite wood of mine for spoons, when I can get it.  The wood will darken a bit in use.

PSM103 11-2014 - - 1

This is another pecan spoon, this time a small mixer.  This one has dead-straight grain, so I’m marketing it as “unbreakable.”

All available at my Etsy shop.


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