Getting the Kids Ready for WIA 2014

Since the Woodworking in America conference is going to be a family event for us this year, I thought it best to start getting the kids ready now.  This afternoon, I pulled representative tools out of my tool chest and quizzed everybody on their names.  My oldest (7 years old) knew almost all of them, and the younger kids caught on quick.  Even my youngest (2 years old) knows “hammer.”

Then we brought out the “little workbench” and the kid-sized tools and let them putter around with some scrap for a little while.  I’m so glad I bought that set of leather punches on closeout a couple years ago.  They’re great for making designs in wood, and the kids love using them.  Eggbeater drills are also great for kids, even if they do spin them backwards.


I just hope they’ll be ready for next weekend.

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