The Memory Box

The other day, my oldest daughter, K, was reading a book that suggested she make a “memory box,” essentially a decorated shoe box in which to store keepsakes.  She mentioned the idea at the dinner table, and I asked if she would rather build it out of wood instead.  She brightened up at the idea, so after dinner we went down to my lumber stash to find some suitable boards.

Memory Box Build with K 7-14 - - 1I just happened to have some leftover 105 wood siding on hand that made perfect sides.  We also found wide boards for a top and bottom.  We opted for a “Bible box” design, with the sides joined together with nailed rabbets.

She held the boards while I cut them to length.  She helped split out the rabbets.  She drilled the pilot holes for the cut nails, and she drove several of the nails in.

The 105 siding has a cove routed into the top, which is supposed to fit into a rabbet on the bottom.  We found the rabbet very convenient for nailing in the bottom of the box.

Eggbeater Drill Yankee 1530 - - 2When we were drilling the pilot holes for the nails, she kept trying to spin the eggbeater drill the wrong direction, as she’s a leftie.  After a while, she blurted out, “Don’t they make drills for left-handed people?”

I paused, and then said, “Actually, they do.”

I reached into my tool chest and pulled out a little eggbeater drill, a Yankee 1530.

What’s special about this little drill is that it has five different settings:

Eggbeater Drill Yankee 1530 - - 1It can be spun left or right, or half-speed, among other options.  I had gotten a while ago in a trade for a mallet I made.

She found it a little easier to use when I put it on the left-hand setting.

It took us a couple work sessions to get the whole box put together, and she still intends to paint it, but she and I are both happy with the result.

Memory Box Build with K 7-14 - - 2

She doesn’t know it, but this will be a memory box in more ways than one.

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3 Responses to The Memory Box

  1. Bob Jones says:

    Very nice. I’m a leftie, too, but I’ve not had a problem with egg beaters. I turn the crank with my right hand, and guide the drill with my left. It always seemed natural that way.

    • As it happens, I tend to turn a brace left-handed: my right hand holding the pad and my left hand rotating the handle. It’s nice to have tools that can be handled either way.

      • Bob Jones says:

        Yep. And I have that same drill. If you ever want to be amazed just take that mechanism apart. It is deceptively simple but hard to reverse engineer.

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