A Three-Dollar Saw

A few weeks ago, I and my oldest daughter were picking through an antique mall looking for old tools.  One of the tools we found was this mid-century Disston handsaw for $3.

Three-Dollar Saw 6-2014

It’s a 24″ saw, marked at 9 ppi, and the plate is very nearly straight.  The teeth are dull, but I don’t think this saw was ever sharpened. The saw plate has some grime, paint, and surface rust to clean off, and the handle needs some refinishing, but this should turn out to be a fine saw.

The handle-less saw plate at the bottom of the picture has a different story.  My daughter K literally dug it out of a trash pile and brought it to me.  It looks like it was re-handled at least once before the replacement handle went missing.  I already have some walnut selected for a new handle, and I plan to make the handle 3/4 of the regular size, so as to fit kids’ hands.  I will probably also cut it down to about 22″ so as to be easier for a child to use.  But it’s going to have to get in line behind several other projects, including the bigger handsaw above.

I’ll post pictures of the cleaned-up Disston saw soon (I hope).

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4 Responses to A Three-Dollar Saw

  1. Bob Jones says:

    Good luck with the saw, but I bet you won’t need luck. 🙂

  2. snekkerbua says:

    Great blog! Just bought a very old dovetail saw myself, ten times better than the new hardened steel and will last approx. forever! 🙂

    • Good for you. Longevity, though, will depend on how often it needs to be sharpened. If you use it every day, prepare to replace it after a few years. But if you use it only occasionally, a good saw might last two or three lifetimes.

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