Coming Soon: Depth Stop for the Veritas Small Router

I’ve had the small router plane made by Lee Valley for several years now, and one of my initial frustrations with the tool was the lack of a depth stop.  If the plane lost its setting mid-project, it was hard to re-set it to a precise depth again.

Then a fellow woodworker came up with a simple solution:

He put a small thumbscrew into a stop collar for drill bits.  Since the collars and thumbscrews came in packs of three, he made one for himself and sent the rest to other people, me included.  It works fine as a makeshift depth stop, though it doesn’t quite look like it goes with the plane.  For those who own the Lie-Nielsen small router plane, that company has recently begun offering its own depth stop, but those of us with the Veritas model have had to make do, until now.

Rob Lee has just made the following announcement in a thread on WoodNet:

Hi –

For those that have the small LV router plane …. we’ve already run the first batch of our stop collars, and should have the second finished next week. These will be made available at no charge, early in the new year…

Cheers –


This is a welcome development, and I am thrilled that Lee Valley will be giving them away to those who already own the plane.  We’ll see if it’s an improvement on my totally-functionally-but-aesthetically-incongruous depth stop.

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One Response to Coming Soon: Depth Stop for the Veritas Small Router

  1. If Rob will be offering them for sale to new purchasers of the small router, this customer would now be willing to become a new purchaser.

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