What I Got for Christmas

I always like it when my Christmas stocking includes one or two woodworking-related items.  This year, I received some very practical ones.

Christmas Gifts 2013

Among my favorites are the Sloyd knife (review coming later) and the two books.  Moxon’s Art of Joinery is reprinted from a 1703 text on professional woodworking, and as far as anybody knows, it’s the earliest woodworking book ever written in English.  It’s been nicely edited and published by Lost Art Press, and I’m having a lot of fun reading through it.  The other book is a gift from my grandmother.  It’s dated 1921 and is inscribed with her maiden name.  It’s a sort of travelogue in print–a story about a Swiss boy who carves wood.  I’ve only just begun to flip through it, but if nothing else, it’s an invaluable family heirloom.

The spatulas aren’t technically for woodworking, but they ARE hand tools.  I’ve already used them a few times.

I had a very happy Christmas yesterday.  Today, I send my best wishes for Boxing Day, and St. Stephen’s day, too.

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