Children Learn by Watching

The other day, my four-year-old daughter saw me sharpening the irons of my hand planes and brushing the sawdust out of the nooks and crannies with a small paintbrush.  She asked if she could try.

Knowing her to be careful and meticulous, I let her try.  She proceeded to brush off dust particles (“polishing” the tool, as she said) for nearly 40 minutes.  She seemed to be enjoying focusing on the detail work.

Not all four-year-olds would have such patience.  Her six-year-old sister certainly doesn’t. But I am gratified that she is imitating some of my better work habits.

A month or so ago, I walked into the dining room to find that my four-year-old and her two-year-old sister had up-ended their little rocking chair and were busily “fixing” and “cleaning” it.

Of course, they had seen their father do plenty of chair repairs, and they knew the process.

That includes pausing to take pictures of the process.  (Yes, that’s a mini Etch-a-Sketch.)  I suppose I should expect to find them posted to a blog or woodworking forum soon.

As soon as they learn to write, I’ll let them write some guest-posts here.

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3 Responses to Children Learn by Watching

  1. What a wonderful light in the darkness!

  2. How precious! Love ’em bunches, they’ll be grown before you know it. I hope y’all had a truly Merry Christmas.

  3. Really great. I got my boys a number of tools this Christmas to get them started, and I think they are really excited.

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