Carving at the ArtWalk

It’s not often I get to take my woodworking to work with me, but not long ago our art department at the university was collaborating with our English department to have a art/poetry/music exhibition. So I brought a few small pieces to exhibit, and I brought my spoon carving tools and my family.

It’s good to have art students on hand to handle signage.

I’m sitting just a few feet outside the building that houses my office.

Doing my best to use some of the techniques I learned from Peter Follansbee at Woodworking in America last month.

A fellow professor brought her spinning wheel and her loom to demonstrate traditional textile work.

My wife brought some relief carving work, and my kids wandered around at will.

We had a glorious afternoon.

Special thanks to my friend Doug Mitchel for taking all the pictures.

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