Timber Framed Bunk Beds, part 2: A Pile of Lumber

The problem with timber framing is that you can work for days and days and look like you’ve done no work at all.  Nearly a week ago, I began with a pile of lumber.

After two solid days of hard work, I still had what looked like a pile of lumber–albeit in shorter pieces.  And a large garbage bag of shavings.

Bunk Beds 7-2013 - - 06

I should pause to admit that, if this were real timber framing, I would not be planing down any of these boards, but since small children will be sleeping among them, they are getting smoothed and (eventually) lacquered.

I worked another day and a half surfacing boards and cutting joints.

Bunk Beds 7-2013 - - 08

And I still had what looked like a pile of lumber.  And another big bag of shavings.

My oldest daughter checked in on my work, remarking, “You don’t seem to be making much progress.”

So, just for her, I dry-fitted a few of the joints.

Bunk Beds 7-2013 - - 07

“There, honey, does that look like progress now?”

I promptly took them all apart and went on cutting joints.

Eventually, I hope this project will look like more than a pile of lumber.

***Edit to Add***

For anybody who just wants to see the finished product, here it is:

Bunk Beds 7-2013 - - 19

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