Recent Pipes

I recently finished my eighth, ninth, and tenth pipes.

All the advice for new pipe makers suggests starting with basic, classic forms, so this is my cherrywood billiard.  Pipes like this are usually roughed out on a lathe.  Getting everything symmetrical with hand tools is a bit harder.  The owner tells me it smokes well.

This commissioned piece is my take on an “egg” shaped bowl.  The tobacco chamber is wide and extra-deep for a long smoke–by customer request.

This is a slightly bent freehand I did as a favor for a friend.

I haven’t yet found a signature style, so I’ll keep experimenting until I find the forms that please both me and my customers.

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One Response to Recent Pipes

  1. Steve Massie says:

    Steve you are doing a great job on those pipes. I don’t smoke now but I still have my pipe collection, I really enjoyed smoking a pipe especially after dinner when I was reading a book.


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