The Shire Pipe

After making several tobacco pipes for friends and acquaintances, I decided to make one for myself.  I hardly ever smoke, but I keep getting requests for custom pipes and I want to have at least one of my own to show to prospective customers.

Shire Churchwarden Pipe 2-2013 - - 2

Shire Churchwarden Pipe 2-2013 - - 4



I’m playing with a simple light box setup for photo shoots, and I’m also experimenting with the photo-editing features on my computer.

Shire Churchwarden Pipe 2-2013 - - 5


This is my maker’s mark, cut with a single gouge.

I was a Tolkien fan before the movies came out, but I rather like the long-stem pipes (traditionally called “churchwardens”) featured in the movies to date.  I’ve taken to calling this one my “Shire pipe.”


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3 Responses to The Shire Pipe

  1. orepass says:

    The Pipe chosen by Sir Conan Doyle for Sherlock Holmes always added a dimension to his character. The “Shire pipe” brings a similar emotion, but to which character? I’ll have to spend some time in the library considering options. Wonderful piece of work!

  2. Ryan Bishop says:

    Nothing smokes like a nice Churchwarden; cool, with no bite. What sort of burl did you use?

    • It’s ebauchon briar. I will confess to monkeying with the photo a bit to “pop” the birdseye figure, but I want to experiment with some stains that will help do the same thing in real life.

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