Tiny Tool Roll (for Plow Plane Irons)

When I first bought my Veritas plow plane a couple years ago, I immediately made a small tool roll to hold the irons.

Plow Plane Iron Wallet 7-10 - 2


It was one of my first real sewing projects, so it was a little rough.  But it was doing fine job of holding my plane irons, but then Veritas expanded its line of irons for the plow plane, and I got the tongue-and-groove package as well.  I stuffed the extra irons into the tool roll as well as I could, but I soon got tired of that.  Since I had the sewing machine going this week anyway, I decided to make a new tool roll for my plow plane irons.

Plow Plane Iron Wallet 2-2013 - - 1


It holds all eight imperial-size irons, the tonguing iron, plus a couple hex wrenches for adjusting the tool in tongue-and-groove mode.  It’s made of relatively tough canvas, but since I want to store the irons edge-downward this time, I added a second layer of fabric at the bottom.

Plow Plane Iron Wallet 2-2013 - - 2


It rolls up into a fairly compact package and ties neatly with a shoelace. They both fit neatly into the little bag I made from the same material.

Tool Chest Organization 12-2013 - - 3



If you look carefully at the very bottom layer of the tool chest on the far right, you can see the gray bag with the plow plane in it.


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9 Responses to Tiny Tool Roll (for Plow Plane Irons)

  1. Steve,

    Nice accessory for the plow plane. How do you store the chip deflector?


    • I just toss it in the bottom of the bag, along with the rest of the conversion kit. I just didn’t see any good way to store something that shape in a roll.

      • Steve,

        Are you concerned with the other parts contacting the blade in the plane? How about adding a pocket with a flap? You could sell Kari version 1 and make version 2 for yourself with the pocket 🙂


  2. That’s a great idea! I might have to take up sewing–I need a way to stow my needle files (unless you’re for hire???).

  3. For anyone interested, I notice that Lee Valley now sells a tool roll for all the plow plane irons.

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