Proof That It Really IS a Portable Tool Box

Travel Tool Box Carried 12-2012

My wife can carry my new traveling tool box fully-loaded.  I’d say it weighs 50-60 lbs with all the tools in it, so not something I’d want to carry around the house, but easy enough to take in and out of the van.

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3 Responses to Proof That It Really IS a Portable Tool Box

  1. sablebadger says:

    That came out nicely, and it gives me an idea for how to put together some tools to travel to my class with Chris Schwarz on making a tool chest. A tad ironic, yes, but I can’t just show up in cardboard boxes now can I?

  2. I recently loaded up my toolbox with all of the tools I would need on a job plus several extra for fun and it came in at 65lbs. I weighed the box on its own and that was 20 lbs. This was to be expected because I built the box to be more a cross with toolbox and mobile workbench. Still since today we aren’t carrying our toolboxes 10s of miles to a job site and just going from the car to job site, 50-60 lbs seems perfectly reasonable. What stunned me was that I had more space to fill if I wanted. It is amazing how many tools you can fit into a small space. More than I could carry.

  3. Brent Ingvardsen says:

    I like the way it turned out. Im still debating a design for mine. I built my son a box like Paul Sellers jointers toolbox. I may build one for myself.

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