So That’s Why They Call It an Eggbeater Drill

I had just poured the whipping cream into a small mixing bowl when I remembered that my electric mixer was broken.  Now, I know you can do this with a wooden spoon, but I was in a hurry this morning, so I ran over to my tool chest.

Eggbeater Drill in Kitchen 12-2012 - - 1

With the whisk from the electric mixer chucked into the drill, I proceeded to whip up a very nice batch of whipped cream in just a couple minutes.

And you know, it’s not the first time my woodworking tools have found their way into my kitchen for something other than making a repair.  With a plastic bag tied around the head, my joiner’s mallet is superb as a meat mallet.  I’m told by our church ladies that it’s also good for crushing Oreo cookies.  (Good thing I had it along as a prop for a skit.)  I don’t mind my tools getting re-purposed occasionally, especially if the results are eatable.

To be fair, I’ve also swiped items from the kitchen to use at the workbench.  Mixing bowls make excellent templates for drawing large circles, and it saves me having to rig up trammels.  Ice picks make passable scratch awls.  Wine corks have found new lives as handles for small files and rasps.

My kitchen and my workbench have a very reciprocal relationship.

How about you?  What kinds of creative uses have you found for your tools?

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