Card Scraper Jig

I don’t like most jigs. Building them eats up valuable shop time; storing them takes up valuable shop space; and using them is usually a cheap substitute for valuable skill. Some jigs, however, earn their keep in my shop. This is one of them.

It’s for sharpening card scrapers.

Preparing the edge of a card scraper depends a lot on your ability to accurately square up the edge before turning a hook with a burnisher. After draw-filing the edge of my scraper, I use this dirt-simple jig to keep the scraper at 90* to the stone.

I used a handsaw to saw a 7″ slot in a 11″ piece of 7/8″ hardwood. that was just a little narrower than my narrowest card scraper. The slot must be perfectly perpendicular to the edges of the jig. The “handle” is only there to prevent me mistaking it for a piece of scrap.

Place the jig on the stone, and slide the scraper back and forth a few times in the slot. Move the jig around the stone every few strokes so as to wear the stone evenly.

After stoning each side, I return the scraper to the jig and place it in my regular bench vise. The jig raises the scraper above the vise, so I can easily angle my scraper to turn the hook, and it keeps thin scrapers from bending under the pressure burnisher.

It fits nicely in one corner of my tool box when I’m done with it.  This is one jig that’s earning its keep.

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