Building a Deal Dresser (In a Hurry): Part 5

I thought I was ready to paint, but my husband told me that I really needed a plinth on the bottom. For some reason, it had never crossed my mind that I might need or want one. As far as I was concerned, they tended to allow more dust to collect under the dressers than if they were flat on the floor. But he reminded me that when he mops the floor in that room, the very bottom of the dresser is likely to get wet. After a few years, did I want to have a plinth, which is fairly easy to replace, or did I want to make a new drawer front and re-cut all those blind dovetails? That was a pretty easy decision, but my newborn son was having none of it. At least, he wasn’t going to allow Mama enough time to personally make a plinth for his dresser. So my husband cheerfully made one for it.

The dust dividers are made from MDF from the local Borg. (Try getting a sheet of that stuff in a mini-van with 4 carseats!) I had to get them to cut it in thirds in order to get it to fit. My husband also did most of the work of installing them in the dresser. I did hear him muttering under his breath about how it would be a lot easier to slide them in if I had been more fastidious about making sure the runners were precisely level, but I didn’t say a word. Because, after all, he WAS doing me a huge favor by installing them while I sat in the glider with our baby.

I am so glad I decided to paint the dresser. Pine from the home center isn’t exactly the prettiest wood around, and I had made enough errors that it needed something to distract the eye from the flaws. Paint can cover a multitude of mistakes. The picture doesn’t do the paint justice, but it’s really hard to get a good picture in that particular room in the house, and I don’t want to move the dresser again any time soon, especially since it is already stuffed with baby clothes.

The paint is slate blue milk paint from Lee Valley. There are two coats of clear lacquer over two coats of the paint.

The drawer pulls were installed with help from the whole family. I didn’t get a picture, but we each had a child on our laps as we worked, and the other two children were also trying to help with their eggbeater drill and screwdriver. The drawer pulls are satin nickel spade foot from Ace Hardware

A bit of wax on both the runners and the drawer sides made them slide very nicely. I am satisfied with how my first major woodworking project turned out, as long as I don’t allow myself to compare it to the tool chest my husband just made.

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