Tool Chest: Beginnings

Yes, I have jumped on the tool chest bandwagon recently begun by Chris Schwarz’s book The Anarchist’s Tool Chest, but I protest that I had designs drawn up for a tool chest before the book came out.  I did wait to read Schwarz’s book, hoping that he would provide insights into the best design options and warn me away from design flaws. The book did both supremely well.

In theory, I agree with all of Schwarz’s twelve or so principles for building a solid tool chest. (Want to know what they are? Go buy the book. You cheapskate.) 

In practice, I have disregarded one of his cardinal rules.  My tool chest WILL be a piece of furniture.  It will sit under one end of my workbench where I will be able to see it every day from my seat at the dining room table.  It will never be stored in a garage or a barn–not in my lifetime, at least–and it will never have to survive an Atlantic voyage in the hold of a rusty steamer, God willing.

That is why this tool chest will be a frame-and-panel structure.  The frame is going to be quarter-sawn cherry (stock laid out on my bench above), and the panels will be quarter-sawn, spalted pecan.  Pecan does not split easily, so these panels will be solid.  All the lumber is being surfaced by hand. My jack plane is getting a serious workout.

More progress and a lot of shavings next week.

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3 Responses to Tool Chest: Beginnings

  1. rob campbell says:

    Can’t wait to see it! Also, Christopher often implores his readers to disobey him… he knows as well as anyone that rules are meant to be broken. I am sure he will be delighted to see the chest that you wanted come into being.

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