I Love My Sawbenches, Mostly

Sawbenches are essential for any shop in which handsaws play an important role.  After studying several sawbench designs, I built these:

Here’s one thing I like about them:

The short bench has one straight side and one angled side. (Building it was an exercise in practical geometry, but it worked out in the end.) That allows me to use it as an outfeed table for long rips while keeping the workpiece almost fully supported along its length.

They also nest neatly for compact storage, which is important in my shop/house. I highly recommend building them in pairs, but they do need to be exactly the same height. I made the legs from 2X4 stock, and the tops are made from 2X8s.  That’s wider than most sawbench tops, but I enjoy having the extra width, especially when I need to trim a large panel.

Be very careful with stock selection for the tops. The top of my long sawbench is twisted a little, which is annoying but not quite so serious that I need to fix it immediately. One of these days I’ll get around to leveling everything.

This, however, is my absolute favorite feature of the my sawbench:

I bolted a cheap vise onto the end of the long one for my kids to use. They love having a some real tools to play with, and my oldest daughter has dubbed the sawbench “my little workbench.” So I now borrow it from her when I need to saw something.

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