Wooden Spoon Template

The first challenge in making wooden spoons is deciding on a shape for the spoon.  Many manufactured spoons are ugly and uncomfortable to hold, so copying their shape is an exercise in futility.

When I first set out to make a wooden spoon, I found a manufactured spoon whose shape wasn’t altogether ugly and traced it out on the wood in pencil.  Then I erased and corrected lines and erased and drew new lines until I had something pleasing.  It probably took as long to draw the template as it did to actually make the spoon.

Once I was finished, I often used that spoon as a template for new ones, though I kept modifying the shape and profile.

After making a lot of spoons, I finally settled on a shape I liked, and I made several templates in standard sizes. Here they are:

On the left is a small stirring spoon template. On the right is a larger spoon, which is suitable for stirring or for serving, depending on how deep you carve the bowl.

Feel free to enlarge this picture, print it out on paper, cut out the templates, and use them to trace out shapes for yourself.

As it turned out, there was a relatively simple way to make up a template.  Find some paper and roughly sketch out a few profiles.  Try tracing out one or two or more spoons–wooden, metal, whatever.  Go through your kitchen drawers to find handles you find comfortable.  Combine elements from different utensils, tracing the bowl of one spoon and the handle of another.

You need only one side of the profile to look how you want it.  Use a ruler to draw a line down the center, cut it out with scissors, and trace it once on a piece of card stock.  Flip it over and trace the other side, and you have a perfectly symmetrical template.

You can then cut out the cardstock and trace directly from the cardstock onto your wood, or you can glue the cardstock onto a thin, stable piece of wood and make a more permanent template like I did.  Thin plywood works reasonably well as a substrate.  If you use hard wood, be sure it is perfectly dry and straight-grained.

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2 Responses to Wooden Spoon Template

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  2. Bob says:

    Excellent idea about cutting your drawing in half and transferring it to card stock! I’d been trying to find a way to draw a nice symmetrical template for my spoon carving… This is a great idea. Thanks!

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